USB Video Capture

  • Arcsoft Video Studio Software SE (included)
  • Burn videos to DVD/VCD (software included)
  • Capture video and audio from a VCR, camcorder, and DVD player supporting video output through an S-Video or RCA connection
  • Ports – 2 RCA; 1 S-Video
  • HDTV Display support
The Diamond Video Capture VC500 is uncommonly easy to use. In our testing, this program made it simple to access material on VHS tapes and do such things as start and stop a video capture and burn a disc.
We could easily capture video footage and edit it. Diamond Video Capture let us enhance the image’s contrast, hue and brightness; add titles, transitions and sound effects; eliminate certain footage that we didn’t want; add special effects and more. If you want to copy and transfer the material on a VHS tape to a DVD, it won’t take long with this product: Our testing showed it took only eight minutes to burn a 45-minute VHS tape to a DVD, which was the fastest of any program we tested. And it lets you capture material from nearly any video source. It also lets you upload to the internet and save videos in six different file formats.
However, before you burn any DVDs, you can use the tools within PowerDirector to take on such tasks as cutting away footage you don’t want, adding transitions, including titles and music, creating chapter breaks, eliminating noise, and fixing the color and lighting. This isn’t the latest version of PowerDirector, but you can still do a great deal to improve your original video material with the library of more than 500 special effects. Then you can preserve the enhanced content of your VHS tapes by burning it to a DVD, and the process is quite fast compared to most converters on the market. Our testing showed it took 21 minutes to burn a 40-minute video onto a DVD, which is excellent compared to other converters. Unfortunately, the quality of the resulting DVD is not first-rate and you will see some flaws, but you nonetheless have saved those treasured moments you captured originally in a format that lends itself to long-term preservation.
You also can transfer content to several kinds of mobile devices including an iPad, iPhone and Sony PlayStation Vita. You can use this converter to record copyrighted content and make your own DVDs. In addition, you can capture and transfer a vinyl record collection to CDs and MP3s. The Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus also provides ways to add some individuality and flair to your personal video content by editing and improving it, and the resulting DVD will be quite high-quality with minimal flaws. You can add music and eliminate footage you don’t want to keep as well as adding such things as special effects, transitions, titles and credits. If you want a more polished viewing experience, you can create a DVD menu and put in chapter breaks. In addition, you can make video files on your computer and export them, but unfortunately, you get a choice of only three video format options. Some other models we tested offer seven. One thing this Rozio model does that most other converters don’t is capture video material and burn it to a DVD at the same time. Our testing showed it took 40 minutes to burn a 45-minute VHS tape to a DVD, which is relatively fast.